Blu-ray getting the upper hand?

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Companies are already beginning to pick sides in the upcoming Sony Blu-ray vs. Toshiba HD-DVD war, and the last couple of days have seen some big names sign up with Blu-ray. Firstly Universal Music Group, the biggest record company in the world, has announced that it  is joining the ranks of the Blu-ray’d ones. In addition to this Lion’s Gate entertainment, of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Monster’s Ball fame, has announced it’s also going to go Blu-ray. So far it looks like Sony’s Blu-ray is going to be the format to rule them all.

Chris Cornwell
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  • Can you prove that these big corporations are realizing a larger profit margin with Blu Ray or are you just guessing?

  • no way! These big corporations are trying to push blu-ray on us because they make a larger profit margin. HD-DVD is the consumers choice because it will always be cheaper and the quality is just as good or better than blu-ray. Studios will make discs for whatever is being sold and currently HD-DVD players and discs are selling way higher than blu-ray.

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