10Mb broadband to be standard for NTL


Ultra fast broadband to the tune of 10Mb or more. For most of us, the fevered dream of small broadband companies that you’ve never heard of before. However, the scene looks set to change with the announcement by cable bigwigs NTL that 10Mb is going to become the standard for NTL customers. By the end of the year, you lucky bods out there on a 3Mb NTL connection will apparently have the luxury of a free updgrade up to 10Mb, courtesy of NTL, with your usage upped from 30GB to 75GB. To give you an idea of how fast that is, it means you can download an MP3 in 3 seconds. Or a half hour TV show in 3 minutes.

No details on pricing for those of us not on the 3Mb line yet, although NTL seem to be keen to charge for usage rather then speed of connection. NTL says that 10Mb will be the standard for all its customers by 2006.

Chris Cornwell
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