Weirdest ever gaming mouse


It’s hard not to be sceptical of this
device when looking at it. Ironically, I have come to the conclusion that to
even pass this thing off as a mouse, yet alone claiming that it is designed for
gaming, is such a bold step that surely the manufacture must have something
incredible up its sleeve. I want assume from the picture that it is for
left-handed players because surely the wheel on the right can not be accessed
properly by anyone with normally shaped fingers but it’s really anyone’s guess.
Or maybe you set up a mouse mat vertically and then hold it sideways to play.
Hmmm, any suggestions?

via Akihabara News

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  • Yeah, good point. I’m still not convinced of its merits as a precision tool but it’s nice to see some really out-there thinking in mouse design.

  • I thought that you hold it with the cord facing away from you so that your middle and index fingers control the two front buttons and your thumb controls the side wheel…right-handed-user-friendly!

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