Toshiba launches high-def LCD TVs


Looks like we got another round of HDTV goodness coming our way: Toshiba has released a new line-up of HDTV ready LCD TVs. These large screen WL56 models come in 27-, 32- and 37-inch varieties and apparently pack three times the pixel count of conventional LCD TVs. Toshiba claim that a pixel illumination sequence allows for 1024 tones of colour to be reproduced versus the standard 256.
The TVs don’t look to be a slouch in the sound department either, with sound quality improved by SRS WOW audio output going through NICAM stereo speakers, with an ouput of up to 20W RMS. As far as connectors to your existing audio setup go, you’ll get two SCART sockets, a HDMI socket, component (via PC 15 pin D-suv), S-VHS and composite video compatible inputs, RGB/PC compatible input, L/R audio in and out, and a sub-woofer out.

No exact word on pricing for the 27- and 32- inch models yet, although you can expect the 37 inch model to set you back a hefty but reasonable £2000.

Chris Cornwell
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