Sky to offer movies over broadband

Home cinema

Sky is to extend its online service to include movies over broadband. It has been offering content via the web for some while now including football coverage, but the move into films over the web marks a key break with its previous strategy.

It is expected that the movies will be available to those who subscribe to top-end TV packages, not just those who use its broadband services. The films, which will number around 200 at the time of launch, will be available to download and maybe at some point in the future port on to a dedicated personal media player.

Sky is also set to ramp up its online version of Sky Sports adding game highlights to the coverage its already has online.

The broadcaster is under increasing pressure at the moment as cable operators Telewest and NTL are starting to offer video on demand services, which, due to the limitations of its digital satellite platform, Sky might find it very hard to compete with. It will be interesting to see how far the company develops its online services in the next year.

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