Philips releases new high-def DVD/SACD player

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Looks like we can expect to see a new hi-def toy coming from Philips, with the launch of the DVP9000S. The DVD/SACD player will let you watch DVDs (presuming you’ve got a HDTV) in either glorious 720p or fantastic 1080i resolution, via either an HDMI or YPbPr connection. No launch would be complete with a lot of PR about the amazing new technologies the player uses: the system apparently employs DCDi and Truelife deinterlacing and image enhancement algorithms, which upscales standard 576p DVD to 720p or 1080i, although how effective this is remains to be seen. The box also supports motion adaptive deinterlacing, to smooth out a few of those jagged edges on a progressive scan TV. As far as the audio goes, the box comes with high-res, multichannel SACD, and upsamples standard audio CDs to DSD (from 16- to 24-bit). All very impressive, we’re sure.

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  • Just a note to say that DSD (Direct Stream Digital) isn’t a 24-bit system: it’s a one-bit system, which samples at 2.8 MHz. Just thought that a website called “Techdigest” might want to get the technical stuff right!

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