Panasonic takes cameras widescreen


Although Panasonic has delivered many impressive digital cameras, many of which sport top-end Leica lenses, its snappers have tended to be overshadowed by rivals from Canon, Nikon, and most annoyingly for Pana, Sony. Still, its new DMC-LX1, one of a trio of models it has unveiled today, has a USP in that it is the first to feature a 16:9 widescreen CCD. So when users capture video, which it shoots at VGA format at 30 fps, they can grab it in widescreen and not just 4:3. It also works for still images too with the camera able to toggle between three different aspect ratios.

The camera itself is a top-ender with an 8.4-Megapixel 4x optical zoom lens, 2.5-inch LCD and Panny’s own MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) that counteracts unintentional shake.  There are also extensive manual controls Extensive manual controls which are operated with a joystick incorporated along with an omni directional cursor.

It will be available at the end of August for £449.99.

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