Online G8 Protest


If you couldn’t get to Edinburgh to throw the proverbial brick of
peace into the ranks of oppressive capitalist policemen, who are symbolic of everything
we hate about poverty, then fear not; you can have your views displayed for all
to see with the G8 virtual rally. G8Rally is a novel flash website that lets
you not only customise your personal banner message but even the appearance of
your very own pacifist avatar. Having registered and arranged your cyber-protester
you can then explore a virtual Edinburgh
complete with hordes of other campaigners and examine other user’s messages. Given
the controversy surrounding the ongoing protests at Gleneagles this seems like
a decidedly more sensible way of getting your views across will hopefully serve
to keep a few more masked youths from a swift bludgeoning and a night in the
cells. There are nearly 45,000 registered protesters now, but maybe with a bit
more plugging perhaps we can get it closer to the 1 million that Saint
Bob hoped for, though I think he meant real life ones – can’t win ’em all I


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