Moto iTunes phone not coming to UK?

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Must admit that we are starting get bored of endless Motorola iTunes phone stories. Sure we don’t know for definite what the phone looks like or its spec, but thanks to the stuff that has popped up online we have a very strong clue.
We certainly won’t be queuing up to buy one, especially if, as reported, it only comes with a paltry 128MB of storage on a Transflash card. Annoyingly the largest Transflash card is a pathetic 256MB anyhow.

That’s if we can buy one anyway. The Guardian points out that as British mobile phone networks have their own music download services they are unlikely to offer a phone whose key feature is compatibility with a rival service, no  matter how much pull the Apple iTunes branding may have. Of the big four networks O2 and Voda won’t touch the handset and it appears Orange isn’t interested either. So unless T-Mobile surprises us (and again it has its own music download service so why bother?) the only way you’ll get the phone is SIM free.

I think we might have another eBay import situation brewing as the phone will be available in the US and other territories and will probably be available unlocked to UK buyers via the auction website. Given the choice of iTunes compatibility and low storage on a phone or a four Gigabyte hard disk on a handset with MP3 playback I know which one I’d choose.

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