Ministry's edgy jukebox

MP3 players

Judging by the photo one of the hottest mP3 jukeboxes this year is likely to be the Ministry of Sound Audio MOSMP080, or The Edge as it more likely to be known. It’s has so far top-end 20 Gigabyte hard disk based jukebox, which is finished in black and sports a two inch colour screen on its fascia which is capable of displaying JPEG images. The device will play back MP3 and WMA files, including WMAs downloaded from online music stores, and is due later the year retailing for £200. Don’t get too excited though as at the recent Ministry launch the company only had a mock up.

Ministry also has plenty of other new players on the cards including a five Gigabyte hard disk jukebox, the £179.99 MOSMPO55, a pair of flash memory players in the MOSMP056 and MOSMP056X (£79.99 and £99.99) and two sets of headphones with integrated MP3 players.

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