Live8 on iTunes


I might have been lucky enough to get a ticket to Saint Bob’s Live8 bash last Saturday, but owing to over officious Hyde Park staff I managed to miss the show’s curtain call – Macca and U2 blasting through Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely heart’s Club Band.

No worries though for iTunes is offering the Macca classic, along with the day’s finale The Long and Winding Road, with proceeds from the sales of these one-time-only performances benefiting debt relief in Africa – which is nice.

Incidentally iTunes is about to reach half a billion downloads. Is that a lot? It sounds it, but given all the hot air about legit music downloads you kind of feel it should be more. Besides UK retailers are reporting a massive upsurge in, get this , CD sales off the back of the Live8 gig. So maybe the shiny optical disc isn’t dead just yet.

If you haven’t added your name to the Live8 cause – here’s the website.

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