iPod's runaway success continues

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Big tech story in all the papers today is how Apple has shifted 6.2 million iPods in the past three months – one million more than expected. While at Tech Digest towers we do like to have the odd jibe at Apple (if only because it’s a guaranteed way of getting thousands of hits from mad Apple fans) we have to admit that Apple has done a darned good job on this one. Yes there are cheaper, even better, MP3 players out there but Apple has got it right largely thanks to its iTunes service which makes music downloading simple.

Apparently Apple is now selling six times the number of players it was this time last year and expects to have shifted 35 million iPods by the end of this year. As a result of its iPod success Apple made a record profit of £181 million in the three months to June, up from £34.6 million last year.

Sales of Apple Mac notebooks and desktop PCs are up 35 per cent: as a result of the so-called ‘halo’ effect of being associated with the iPod name. Meanwhile Sony, which brought us the original Walkman, has so far failed to keep up in the digital music player market, languishing third in the UK sales chart behind Creative.

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  • My local Comet say they can’t get the smaller ipod mini anymore because they’re expecting the 6GB to become the base model. Any clues when?
    Oh and I agree with the other comment.. it’s all about good usability (again), roll on the iVideo, iTV, iMicrowave, iWashingmachine!!

  • I’ve tried (in stores) many of the so-called iPod killers, but none has yet equalled the simplicity, speed, and function of the click wheel. If it takes too much time to find a track, the rest of the stats (storage capacity, color, video, etc.) don’t mean squat. The interface is why Apple is still leading with the iPod, plain and simple.

    Now, add to that the vast array of 3rd party add-ons (including my Alpine head unit that 100% controlls my iPod, which is safely locked away in the glove box, even showing track/artist info), and there’s no comparison.

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