Intel set to launch movie download site


I guess the expression is: “if you can’t
beat them, join them” although I’m not sure if this would apply to the ongoing
war against movie piracy or Apple’s phenomenal success with iTunes. Either way
we are soon to see a proper legal movie download site courtesy of Intel
and Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment, presumably
because Morgan has appeared in nearly every Hollywood movie ever made. The site, called ClickStar,
should be launched in early 2006 and seems to be promising much greater
flexibility than the iTunes DRM ever has; CEO, Nizar Allibhoy claims “Our motto
is anytime, anyplace, on any device”. Surely a statement that’s begging to be
used out of context… This may at last be an indication that  Hollywood is accepting that
no amount of
victimisation of file-sharing sites will ever stop the growing number of
illegal downloads until a sensible, legal option is offered. It seems that
Morgan can see that the future of the movie industry is offer a flexible
solution that doesn’t dictate how and where you watch your films. That said, at the outset the Windows Media DRM will stop you burning DVDs of
your paid-for and downloaded movies; are they even listening to their own motto?


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