Hot Coffee case boils over


If you have missed out on the ratings
fiasco regarding the top selling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas then I can only
assume that you have been off visiting some far away universe which is blessedly
devoid of any kind of communicative medium. Sister blog Games Digest has been
following the developments closely for the past couple of weeks and it has come
to a head at last. The problem was that some clever hacker discovered extra
content hidden in the depths of the game’s code that had not actually been
implemented in the retail version. Said hacker then created a patch for the
game which unlocked this content, a mini game in which the player could guide
the actions of the protagonist as he makes the ‘beast with two backs’ with an
animated female partner. After much bickering the rating has at last been
changed to Adults Only, which results in its removal from a variety of powerful
major chains in the US
It will have absolutely no effect on anything here as it was already an 18
rated game. However, production has now been ceased until a new version can be
made sans sex scenes and once again M rated, which will probably take a week or

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