Hitachi's alien-busting camcorder


I don’t want to spoil the plot too much as half of you are probably trundling down your local multiplex to see it this weekend, but War of the Worlds, the Spielberg/Cruise rewriting of the HG Wells classic, has some odd technological moments. Basically as the aliens (doh I have given the plot away now) prepare to land an electro magnetic storm renders all electrical power of any kind dead. So there’s no car batteries working, no mobile phones and locals can’t pacify any passing aliens with a cold beer as the fridges go off.

One gadget however manages to soldier on and not only draw power from its magical battery but also capture the moment the aliens started to terrorise a rather shady looking part of New York – a Hitachi DVD camcorder. I suspect that as Hitachi stumped up rather a lot of cash for the movie this was its pay off.
So remember next time freak pre-apocalyptic weather conditions occur and aliens crop up on the horizon just reach for your Hitachi products and you’ll be fine. You might not escape the end of the world, but unlike mates with Sony cams, you’ll at least you’ll be able to video it.

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