Fujifilm's Semi-SLR cameras


Fujifilm doesn’t actually have an [edit: Entry Level] digital SLR camera in its Finepix range, but it does cater for those who want something that’s smarter than the average point and click, without the scary price tag that comes with D-SLRs. Two of the latest cameras out from Fujifilm fit into what it calls the SLR-Style range. The smallest of the two is the FinePix S5600 Zoom, the third version of the mini SLR-style cameras, which comes with a 10X optical zoom and a 5-megapixel Super CCD HR sensor. It’s also got Fujifilm’s Anti-Blur Mode, which helps to minimise the effects of both photographer and subject movement, and a choice of ISO sensitivity settings from ISO 64 up to ISO 1600. The lens is fixed, so you won’t be able to change it, but it does come with an optical viewfinder so you can pretend to be proper rather than using the LCD preview.

The FinePix S9500 is a far more powerful version, nudging more closely up to digital SLR territory.

It’s got Fujifilm’s brand new 5th generation Super CCD sensor on board, which will give you 9 megapixels of pure photographic power. It’s got an ISO sensitivity range of ISO 80 – ISO 1600, an impressive 28-300mm (fixed) zoom lens with manual twist barrel focusing and both an optical and a (tilting, no less) LCD viewfinder. Unlike SLRs, you’ll be able to use your S9500 to record movies at 30-frames per second with sound.

Press Release – Finepix S5600
Press Release – FinePix S9500

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