Crazy Frog on your PS2


Horrendous news for all sane Britons. The Crazy Frog, who really ought to be have been heading for a liquidizer not the top of the pop charts is now eyeing up your PS2.
A company called, appropriately enough, Digital Jesters has won the race to sign up the frog and intends to publish the first Crazy Frog computer and videogame this November on PC and PS2.
Following its debut as a ringtone and mobile mascot, the Crazy Frog (also known as The Annoying Thing) has been a mainstream phenomenon, with its ‘Axel F’ single occupying four weeks as the UK’s best-selling single this year.

Even worse news is that more singles are in the pipeline, an album is due this summer, and there could be plenty more games to follow. It is enough to make we want to croak.
Crazy frog Racer will hit the shelves in Europe in November 2005, priced at a one off cost of £19.99 (€29.99). Rest of the world will follow in Quarter 1 2006.

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