Branson heading for space


A major step towards commercial space
travel has been heralded this week as Richard Branson announced a deal launching
The Spaceship Company.  This is a joint
deal with aviation expert, Burt Rutan who famously won the Ansari X prize last
year by building the first private craft to vacate the earth’s atmosphere and
netting him a cool £5.6m. Branson has put in an order for 5 SpaceShipTwo craft
that will realise the dreams of some 28,000 lunatics who want to blow £115,000 on
a two hour s
crape with death and five minutes of weightlessness. I hear the
view is nice though. Virgin Galactic hopes to have the enterprise up and
running in about two years time ferrying up to 7 passengers on each trip.

via The Scotsman

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