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From a consumer perspective we have never really been convinced by BlackBerry. Sure it works as push email solution, but in the UK at least you can wait anything between 5-15 minutes for the message that’s landed on your server to be ported to your device. Obviously it works in a totally different and rather amazing way in the corporate space, but consumers are best advised to look at other phones and maybe other email solutions.

One serious contender is SPROQIT which has been around for a few months now and works in an really interesting way. It acts as a kind of remote control for a person’s PC with messages forwarded to their mobile device as soon as they hit Outlook on the home computer.

Users can also send huge files via their device and not get stung with large phone bills for them as they instruct the computer to send them, not the mobile device. Another neat trick is that SPROQIT gives users the flexibility to download any part of a document, so if a user wants to access only the end of a presentation they can just grab that section of the document and once again save on data costs.

The big flaw with SPROQIT though has been that it has only been limited to the consumer space and only available with a small number of devices. Now the company has launched its Work Group system which enables corporates to set up multi-user systems.

More importantly for us punters though is that it is now ready to phones that use the Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms to its list of compatible devices (it currently only work with Pocket PC based handsets). So you’ll be able to use the system on your SPV or your Nokia with a few months. More details here.

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  • I’ll believe you when you ditch your small and delighful Siemens SL55 and SPV for a BlackBerry.

  • Personally, I’m rather partial to the consumer BlackBerries and I’ve never ever had to wait 15 minutes for an email to show up.

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