Adult entertainment on mobiles a bit of a flop?

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Analysts Informa Telecoms & Media has just published its predictions for the future of mobile phone content sizing up how much the market will be worth in 2010. It reckons that the global market fuelled largely by music, games, gambling and adult entertainment will be worth $42.8 billion by the end of the decade.  It’s a monster report, but click on for a few of its many interesting findings including…

Phone not to kill iPod

Adult entertainment a bit of a flop
Music downloads not huge business for phone networks

Mobile gambling to grow from US$1.2bn of annual revenues in 2005 to US$7.6bn by 2010

Phone not to kill iPod – By 2010 music playing features will be part of most mobiles and many will have dedicated storage (hard disks) for music. But just as camera phones did not suddenly destroy the digital camera business, the report finds that MP3-enabled phones will not seriously damage the digital music player market in the immediate future.

Adult entertainment a bit of a flop – The market for erotic content for mobile devices is predicted to be worth $2.3bn by 2010, but realisation of this is highly dependent on mobile phone carriers and content providers working with regulators in order to determine solid controls and age verification procedures. Much of this depends on networks who seem to have an ambivalent attitude towards online adult entertainment. Overall Informa thinks adult entertainment on mobiles will be a lot smaller than has previously been thought.

Music downloads not huge business for phone networks
– Even by 2010 ringtones will continue to dominate music market. Downloads via the web will be more than double the downloads via mobiles. And most music phone downloads are likely to be in Asia.

Total gaming revenue from mobile games is forecast to increase
from $2.6 billion this year to $11.2 billion by 2010. Much of this will come from multi player gaming.

The US will be the main market for mobile gaming with the European market significantly smaller than either America or the Far East.

Many console games will debut first as teasers on mobiles as gaming companies seek to generate a buzz around the games.

There’s potential for growth in games which use other phone features
(such as camera/GPS).

Mobile gambling to grow from US$1.2bn of annual revenues in 2005 to US$7.6bn by 2010, by which time there will be more than 200 million consumers gambling using their mobiles. Europe will be the big market with lotteries, online poker and basic casino games attracting the highest number of users.

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