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Dixons staff are looking nervous. And no it is not because of rumours of more shop closures or fear of hernias caused by lugging round massive plasma screens. No it is because they know that their very worst nightmare, TV-B-Gone, has launched in the UK courtesy of Firebox. The £14.95 gadget, which can easily be attached to a key ring, is in fact a mini universal remote control. Its twist is that it only has one feature – it can turn TVs off. Apparently once you press its button the device scans through its database, finds the code required to shut the TV down and delivers a blank screen, leaving you to snigger as harassed Dixons staff run around trying to discover if their top-end 50 inch plasma has developed a major fault. If you are of the yellow persuasion you’ll be pleased to know that the device normally takes around twenty seconds to work, leaving you plenty of time to hotfoot it out of the store.

It also works in pubs – great for key moments in vital football games – and at home where it can ensure that your trip to Celebrity Love Island never lasts more than a few seconds. Naturally we at Tech Digest don’t condone such behaviour and feel very sorry for Dixons’ (and other major electronics retailers) staff. Pretty funny though.


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One thought on “TV killer reaches UK

  • I’ve had one of these for months now, imported the PAL version from the creator’s website ( and it’s proved to me two things, which I’ll share with you now:
    1) You never grow up. Ever. The childish glee of stealthily peeking the ir out of your pocket to switch off a whole bank of screens in john Lewis or Dixons etc is second to none. Make sure you’re not the only person in the area though, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb and probably be jettisoned into the street by the burly security guards. There’s safety in numbers.
    2) People in pubs spark up conversations almost as soon as tellys are turned off. Places like the Hogsehead and Yates’ (not that I drink in these sort of places *cough cough*) chain have lots of televisions hung all over the place. Due to the TVBGone’s excellent wide beam, if you pick your position well, you can turn off several at once.

    In short, I advise everyone to buy one of these wonderous little gadgets and reclaim your public space. It’s your duty as a responsible citizen and as an infantile prankster!

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