Today's top tech stories from the US


Here’s some the latest tech news from the sunnier side of the pond.

Sony HDR-HC1(Gizmodo): The new fantastic looking, yet affordable, high definition camcorder from Sony.

Solar Powered Flying Drones(Gizmodo): These look pretty neat. Apparently the only reason this landed after forty-eight hours was because the operators got tired.

GoVideo Rave MP 2.5gb player(dapreview): A respectable looking MP3 and WMA player that’s going on Amazon for an incredibly low $79.

Sony SRX-R110(i4u): The world’s first commercially available 4k projector.

The Voltaic Messenger Bag(Engadget): Some of you might remember that solar powered backpack we saw a while ago. This looks the same concept, but now in messenger bag form.

Chris Cornwell
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