Today's top tech stories from the US


It’s time again for a look at what is hot in the world of gadgets stateside:

Fluffy iPod cases (DAPReview) Now you can disguise your iPod as an unsightly explosion of body-hair.

Motorola iTunes Phone (Engadget) Probably just more conjecture but it looks like the iTunes reign of terror will turn mobile at any second.

Coldplay Solar iPod charger (Gizmodo) Apple once again proves its ability to dupe well meaning musicians with dreams of civil rights and equality into endorsing its products. Cunning.

Sony PSP custom code loader (I4U) The hacker vs Sony game of cat-and-mouse twists one more to the favour of the hackers as new code lets you run custom programmes without juggling memory sticks.

Cellphone weight watcher (Gizmodo) Now even your mobile can tell you that mîcrowave pizza isn’t very nutritious. Ah, the miracle of modern technology.

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