The Queen's iPod

MP3 players

The Sun reports that her Maj has this week splashed out on an iPod. Our 79 year old monarch is apparently already grooving to the delights of Queen and The Korgis and is rumoured to be so pleased with her purchase that the gadget may get the royal crest of approval. Apple’s Brit designer Jonathan Ives is even being tipped for a knighthood. Bit of a gadget girl, and quite possibly a Shiny Shiny reader, the Queen already has a mobile, which she uses to text her grandchildren and Buck House is rumored to have some pretty decent hi-fi kit too.

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  • Well sadly Rob it seems they do care. This was one of our most popular stories last week. (Or maybe Elizabeth My Dear by The Stone Roses)

  • So what? If the Queeen buys a light bulb, does anyone really care? Do you think she listens to “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols? Or maybe she’s a Freddie Mercury fan…

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