Sonos releases new wireless music system in UK

Home audio

Sonos has begun shipping of its Sonos Digital Musical System to Europe. The system is a digital music system that lets you play digitally recorded music all over your house. You simply put the zoneplayers in each room of your house, hook up speakers to them, and then sit back as music wirelessly streams into the speaker from your PC. Each zoneplayer can play different music for different zones of your house. The kit also comes with a shockingly cool LCD remote, letting you wirelessly decide what to listen to.

As you might suspect, such a system doesn’t come cheap, with the
introductory set (including two Sonos zoneplayers and a remote) costing
£899. A set with a speakers costs £1,099. You can buy Zoneplayers
seperately for £369 and speakers for £149. Really cool, but is the
convenience worth forking out that much cash?

Chris Cornwell
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