Research shows illegal file sharing strong in Europe


This looks interesting: JupiterResearch has just published their “European Music Consumer Survey 2005”. The survey shows that illegal file sharing networks continue to dominate digital music consumption over Europe, but also shows that demand exists for legal, paid services. The survey found a number of things. Firstly, 15% of Internet users in the U.K., Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and Spain use illegal peer-to-peer file sharing on a monthly basis. Spain had the highest rate, with 26% of users downloading illegally. 61% of file sharers are male, and 72% are between 15 and 34. 12% of net users listen to streamed audio.

Of course, nobody could have missed the success of Apple’s Music Store, showing that there is a market for legitimate music: 19% of consumers said that they would pay for digital music.

Chris Cornwell
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