Orange launches Glasto TV channel for your mobile

Mobile phones

Ok, so we didn’t get a ticket for Glastonbury this year, but are we bitter? You bet we are. And we were overjoyed to hear that the unseasonably sunny weather is going to give into huge rainy storms in the Somerset area this weekend. Enjoy your mudbath. Besides we’ll be tuning in on our mobile phone. Orange, which launched the UK’s first TV on a mobile service the other week, is offering a dedicated Glasto channel not just for the duration of the fest but for much after too. It promises to ‘access festival footage including artist interviews, festival life, and music experiences from the event.’

While we are not sure how much live stuff that will mean it could be good for reminding yourself what a great fest you have as you try and stave off your pneumonia this time next week. The downside is that you have to own a Nokia 6680 3G handset on Orange and have a subscription to the service (it is free at the mo) which kind of limits its reach, but it does show that networks are at least coming up with cool video applications for mobiles

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