nVidia release next-gen 7800 GTX


That time is upon us again. The time when the cutting edge technology that we indulged in not so long ago begins the spiral towards redundancy. Nvidia has begun shipping of the first in the next generation of graphics cards. This card, dubbed the 7800 GTX comes with 302 million transistors, which nvidia claim make it 50 percent faster then the 6800. The card comes with a 128-bit floating core point, and uses Direct X 9’s shader model 3.0.

If that wasn’t enough, it also comes 1080p HDTV ready, featuring a HDTV out as well as two digital ports, and the standard monitor hookup. The card also has reduced power drain and occupies only a single slot in your PC’s case, unlike some the dual slot 6800 series mammoths. 3dmark obsessives among you, with a good PC and one of these babies can expect scores around the 16,000  mark. Whoa. The card is available now, and retailing for around £370.

Chris Cornwell
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