ntl offers proper broadband for under a tenner


ntl is set to spark a broadband price war by becoming the first ISP to offer broadband for under a tenner. The company has unveiled a new 1Mb broadband connection which will cost consumers £9.99 a month with the price fixed for the next twelve months.

There is apparently no additional costs for cable modem hardware or activation, while installation by ntl’s professional engineers is also free.

The move is designed to target the three million UK internet users who pay around £19 for a dial up connection.

According to ntl demand across the UK for broadband remains high with 6 homes being installed every minute of every day.  As at 31 March 2005, ntl had 1.443m broadband customers.

It’ll be interesting to see how fellow cable operator Telewest responds. The two have been moving ever closer and a merger before the end of the year seems on the cards.

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