New Orange SPV set for July launch?

Mobile phones

There’s no official word yet from Orange, but it seems that the whole online gadget community, or CoolSmartphone at least, is convinced that the next version of the SPV, the Orange SPV C550, will be delivered to stores on July 11th.

Don’t expect to see a major revamp of the rather excellent Windows powered smartphone. Instead manufacturer HTC has tweaked the specification to include a 1.3 mega pixel camera and a dedicated media player button on the phone’s fascia.

On the downside the phone will probably run the old version of Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 2003 SE, not Windows Mobile 5.0 which was announced a month or so ago. Also while the phone has a top class 240×320 QVGA display, apparently it only boasts 65k colours.

We’ll wait until the official spec sheets land before we make our judgments but this does appear to be a bit of a missed opportunity.

Orange is likely to deliver its first 3G SPV – which is the eagerly awaited PDA the HTC Universal – to the stores in July.

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