MSI reveals a slightly confused Radeon X800


This is an interesting development to emerge from the Computex exhibition; MSI, who already announced a host of high-tech treats, kept this clever device under its hat. If you look carefully at the pic you can see that this graphics card has a normal set of connectors at the bottom AND as set at the top. This Radeon X800 can be plugged into an AGP on one side, or flip it over and you have a PCI-Express card. Admittedly most ordinary users don’t tend to be swapping motherboards too often, but there plenty of people who don’t rely solely on major computer companies for their PC needs and this innovation provides a unique opportunity for future proofing. Perfect if you are indulging in the improved speeds of PCI-E now but are looking to try out ATI Radeon’s CrossFire technology in a few months.

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