Longhorn to support RSS


microsoft‘s fancy new operating system Longhorn, is set to integrate RSS feeds into its functionality and enhance the existing technology for improved features. For those of you in the dark on this, RSS or Really Simple Syndication is originally an offshoot from Netscape and a very useful way of keeping track of website updates, especially news or weblog sites. Though it’s usually used to stream text-based messages, most commonly headlines, recent advances mean that more and more media like podcasts and MP3 blogs can be passed through the system as well. microsoft is looking to improve this yet further by integrating the use of RSS in software beyond its new Internet Explorer 7. Windows group product manager, Megan Kidd says “…it will go way beyond that. For instance, if you are at a conference and go to that website, subscribe to a feed that has all the conference information, you can have an RSS feed right into your calendar application like Outlook”. It all sounds like a good idea but there are concerns that microsoft may be trying to commandeer the use of RSS technology and make it more difficult for the average Joe Blogger to compete against the big companies paying for all of microsoft’s paraphernalia. Longhorn is anticipated sometime early in 2006.

via Tech World

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