LG Electronics releases wall-mounted projector

Home cinema

LG Electronics has released this new projector, and I have to admit, it’s looking pretty good. The AN110 is the world’s first wall mounted projector and you can hang it on your wall like a picture frame. The projector is quite small, a total of 443.4 x 254.2 x 92 mm in size. The image you get is an HD picture, at 1280×768 resolution, enough to excite any gadget junkie. Other features include a vertical lens shift +/-125%, x1/32 ~ x32 digital zoom, separated left and right digital keystone function, and motorised zoom and focus that enhances the throw ratio up to more than x1.4 allowing a 100 inch large screen display from a mere 3.8m to 5.3m distance.

As far as brightness goes, the picture runs at 1100 ANSI lm, with the contrast ratio reaching over 3000:1. The bulb lasts for a respectable 4,000 hours, and the noise level is a mousy quiet 25db or under. The AN110 displays 720p scan, VGA, SVGA, XGA & SXGA images. The set is expected to be available in the UK from September. No word on pricing yet, but ‘not cheap’ would probably be a good guess.

Chris Cornwell
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