LG Electronics releases compact Bluetooth phone

Mobile phones

Looks like you people who crave the small in your tech life will have something new to get excited about, with the announcement by LG Electronics of the latest clamshell handset, the F2400. The phone is available with Orange in a silver and grey exterior, and boasts a modest 65k colour TFT screen, as well as an outer colour screen and comes with bluetooth, the smallest phone yet to do so. The phone also comes with WAP connectivity (although only the most twisted gadget nut would enjoy it on a phone this small). The phone also comes with a VGA camera, and 4MB of user memory (really not much). The phone operates in dual band GPRS.

OK, it’s a little lacking in features. But it is fairly compact as bluetooth phones go. The phone will be available from July for £119.99 on pre-pay or free on a contract.

Chris Cornwell
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