JVC unveils the 'iPod of camcorders'


The future of camcorders is… tape (no), DVD (mmm), hard disk (well maybe). As you probably know JVC pioneered the HD camcorder with the Everio C Series models it launched last year. Trouble was its limited 4 gigger hard drive only had enough storage space for around an hour of footage.

Well the Everio is back in the guise of a trio of new models which keep its original shape and many of its features, but boast much larger hard disks, come with an improved specification and most important of all are more competitively priced

Billed by JVC as the iPod of the camcorder world (in company execs dreams at least) the GZ-MG20 features a 1.8inch  20 Gigabyte hard disk that JVC reckons will house up to 4.5 hours of quality video recordings. The camera includes an 800,000 pixel CCD, features a 2.5inch LCD monitor and 25x optical and 800x digital zooms.  It is set to retail for around £600 when it goes on sale in September.

Due around the same time is the GZ-MG30 which has an identical set of features to the GZ-MG20 other than it sports a 30 Gigabyte (up to seven hours of recording) hard disk. It should go for around £650.

Completing the range is the top-end £700 GZ-MGH50 which also has a 30 Gigabyte hard disk, but has a 1.3 mega pixel CCD.

Features common to all three models include an SD card slot, digital image capture, a USB 2.0 interface and full Mac, as well as Windows PC compatibility.

Another neat feature is a hard disk protection system which automatically stops the hard disk from moving if the camcorder is dropped.

Also on the Everio front Seagate has just unveiled an eight Gigabyte version of its CompactFlash Photo Hrda Drive. So owners of the earlier Everios will soon be able to double the amount of storage on their cams.

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