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Us Brits never have taken to handsfree headsets as much as many companies hoped probably because you end up looking like something out of an IBM advert, which isn’t really our thing. Jabra however, continues to woo us into the handsfree era with its ever increasing lines of smart Bluetooth headsets. Now it has revealed the sleek BT205, which does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a headset, its Bluetooth 1.1 and that’s pretty much all you would want from it. It has a behind-the-ear design for both comfort and to make people look at you strangely whilst you chat away merrily to thin air. Calls are controlled by single button or you can use voice activation. The mîcrophone and speaker have improved clarity thanks to Jabra’s MiniGel and to make sure its not much of a burden it only weighs 23 grams and is capable of 4 hours talk-time or 5 days on standby. The Jabra BT205 is available now at a recommended price of £39.99

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One thought on “Jabra BT205 Bluetooth headset

  • How does this compare to the BT250v and the new (long promised) BT500.

    Anyone know?

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