It's ok, Sony won't hurt you


Sony caused a stir this week as a Guardian article reported that customers who have bought imported PSPs in the UK ahead of the European release could have their handheld impounded. A part of Sony’s anti grey import legal bid demands that “details of the British purchasers are handed over by the importing companies”. This is could be taken as Sony wanting to send a gang of heavies round to the person’s house and liberate them of their £200 toy with a quiet word in the ear and a gentle fist in the eye. Fortunately in response to outcry at these reports, SCEE has been swift in assuring the press that no action will be taken against individuals who bought a grey PSP, but if Sony’s high court action is successful it will have your name and address handed over, so it might be a good idea to think about getting some stronger locks.

Guardian via Gizmodo

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