Holy merchandising Batman!


Arriving with the release of the promising new film ‘Batman Begins‘ is a selection of themed toys that show a kitsch style rivalling even some of Lucas’ efforts. Our favourite is the Batman and Scarecrow (his new nemesis) walkie-talkie set. These beauties will “give you and your buddy the chance to communicate in style with a staggering range of 120 feet” because there is nothing more stylish than standing alone talking to a plastic figurine.

What’s more, these models have concealed buttons and speakers so that passers by won’t be able to tell that your mutterings are in fact secret communications and not simply crazed ranting at voices only you can hear… This walkie-talkie set will become available to coincide with the film’s release in mid June for the price of £14.99

And that’s not all, there is a whole host of Batman themed goodies coming out including puzzles, a pinball machine, some kind of talking punch bag and a naff LCD game (wouldn’t it have been easier to have EA whip up some rubbish movie-licensed video game? Oh look, they already did!). More exciting are three different construction kits of which the largest is a 250 piece Heavy Assault set which includes the Batcave, plus Mega Batman, Alfred, Bruce Wayne and Mini Joker figures. Batman and Heavy Assault construction set will cost £39.99.

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