Google's world domination


At last proof, as if it were needed, that Google is taking over the world… Google Earth is a whizzy new 3D mapping system that lets you zoom in on satellite pictures anywhere in the world and find special attractions, points of interest etc. But rather than doing this via your browser as we’re used to with Google, you have to download quite a chunky piece of software instead. This enables you to see the satellite images clearly and enter your chosen locations or make special requests ie. ‘find restaurants in Vancouver’. It’s a great idea but not without its faults.

While satellite images of the cities are generally OK (you can clearly see the London Eye on the one of London), once you reach the suburbs everything becomes a blurry, indefined mess. What’s great about it though is that it will show you all the points of interests in a certain area complete with phone numbers and relevant websites. We especially liked the way it will whizz you across the world, taking you over continents to get to the city you want – beats flying any day. Rather cleverly the 3D maps can be used for plotting a journey too, though this isn’t as detailed – or useful – as using similar services provided by companies such as the AA.

Google Earth

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  • This is an area in the US which you can see on the home page of Google Earth.

  • Which area is covered by the screenshot? Are the buildings 3D? I want to see this too!

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