Freedom2Surf's 24Meg super fat pipe


And if you thought that a half meg broadband connection was fast then you better think again. First UK Online and Bulldog Broadband announce 8 Meg services. Now Freedom2Surf has gone one better with the promise of a 24 Meg connection just around the corner.

Sadly the release doesn’t have any firm details about the actual launch of the 24 Meg service (maybe they’re just teasing us!) but it does detail a new 8 Meg service, starting at £14.99 per month – if you don’t mind capped usage. The new service will initially be available in 14 exchanges across the country in meteropolitan areas (Freedom2Surf’s existing 2Meg customers will be able to upgrade by paying a one-off £15 fee).

Freedom2Surf Connect 8Mbit Package

· From £14.99 per month

· Up to 8Mbit speed depending on distance from the exchange and line quality.

· From 2 to 100GB traffic allowance (not metered during off-peak times from 1am to 6am)

· Package includes 20 email addresses with anti-spam and virus protection

· 200Mb of webspace

· 1 month minimum contract

· Free installation for annual contracts, £79.99 fee for modem and installation (or £49.99 for installation) for monthly contracts.

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