DVD recorders now under £150


Akai, which had a bit of UK relaunch a few months back, is really determined to make its mark in the home video recording market. It has just delivered a new version of the ADR-5800Di, a multi-standard DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW recorder which retails for the knock down price of around £150 (£50 less than before). As far as we know only the Lite-On LVW-5005 comes in at anywhere near the same price.

There is a fair old smattering of features including all manner of disc
playback (including MP3/JPEG CDs), eight hour recording from one disc
(a couple of hours more than many of its rivals) and an iLink/Firewire
port for camcorder users who want to archive their footage on to DVD.
It also boasts Progressive Scan, a Nicam stereo tuner and RGB on its
We are guessing now but we think that DVD recorders will be down to
under £100 by September. Whether they will sell in the kind of numbers
that manufacturers expected they always would do remains to be seen.

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