DS gets multimedia compatiblity with the Play-yan


One of the big selling points of Sony‘s PSP over Nintendo’s DS is its multimedia capabilities. While the DS does have a cool touch screen, it can’t play MP3s or video. However, the Play-yan, released in Japan might present a solution to many MP3 and video hungry DS owners out there. The Play-yan plugs into a GBA cartridge slot (it is compatible with GBA and GBA SP as well) and lets you play MP3s and ASF movie files from an SD memory card, which you slot into the Play-yan cartridge. The movies play back at a most respectable 220×170 resolution, and 512MB SD card will let you hold about 2.5 hours worth of audio. DS battery life is about 4.5 hours for video, or about 10 for MP3 playback.
Unfortunately no news of a UK release or pricing yet.

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via gamespot

Chris Cornwell
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