Creative's iPod Photo rival delayed

MP3 players

So reporting delays isn’t the brightest start to a Monday morning but it’s been a long time since the Creative Zen mîcro Photo got a mention here. We first had a look at one at CES back in January, yet it seems these would-be iPod Photo killers are not going to hit the shelves until August at the earliest. Creative also recently revealed that it isn’t doing so well in its massive effort to dislodge Apple’s comfortable top spot in spite of the wealth of MP3 players and other goodies it has been offering. It’s still trailing a long way behind in profit margins: $15.9m compared to Apple’s whopping $290m (a lot of which comes from iPod sales) and is being further hindered by announcements of more pricing improvements being made by its rival. But there’s no doubt that the Zen mîcro Photo looks the business and it also has a much better screen than the iPod Photo’s so here’s hoping it’ll be worth the wait.

Beta News via Engadget

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