Bulldog rolls out 8 meg broadband across UK


For the digital home to work properly with users streaming HDTV and high quality audio files over the internet home owners are going to need mega fast broadband connections much speedier than current pathetic UK standard of 512Kbps/one Mbps.

So great news from Bulldog Communications which has today announced that its 8Mb broadband connection that has been available to much of London is now going nationwide.

As from today the company claims that almost a third of homes in the UK will be able to access the service.
Bulldog has a rather odd payment system for the service though. Users pay £1 for the first month and for installation, for the second month they pay £15, while for the third month onwards they pay £29.50.

There’s good news for existing Bulldog 4Mb customers who will apparently get a free upgrade to the 8 Meg service.
The company also says that there is no limit for users on the amount of data they can download.

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