A remote control for your entire house


Let’s face it: remote controls are cool. Be they normal TV remotes, voice activated ones, or special iPod remotes, we love ’em. The Remote Life Home Controller goes a step further. This little black box, retailing for $1399, hooks up to your lighting, electrical appliances, thermostats and security cameras. You hook up through your internet-connected cellphone or PDA, as well as through your PC.

You can then use it to control said thermostats, electrical appliances, lighting and security cameras from one remote. Mwaah, the power. You can even use it to monitor your house from abroad, and turn your lights off from a different country.

If you’re exceptionally worried about security or are paranoid about saving electricity, that is.

Can’t actually think of a lot of other pressing reasons why you’d want to be able to remote control your house from a different country, but hey, it’s a remote.

via Gizmos for Geeks

Chris Cornwell
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