Your iPod's new best friend

MP3 players

You love your iPod. You really do. It is more than just your music player – it is well, your bestest friend. And wouldn’t you like to be able to play with your little buddy, and I don’t just mean twiddling his scroll wheel or tickling his select button?

Now’s your chance as bonkers company Speck has come up with iGuy, a bendy plastic casing for your iPod with arms and legs that turns him into a toy not unlike Morph, best buddy of BBC stalwart Tony Hart.

Should you get the urge you can bend iGuy’s arms and legs, hang things from him, and err, that’s about it. There’s currently a model for the standard sized iPods, but a mini is apparently on its way later in the month. It’s yours for $34.95 from here.

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