Tiger Dashboard security risk


For recent years, Apple has seemed untouchable when it comes to security in its operating systems. Now there are some fears that Apple’s new OS X "Tiger" may have a gaping security hole in the innovative Dashboard interface system.

What Dashboard basically does is run a number of small HTML or Java based programs called Widgets on the desktop for swift access to useful tools. Currently available Widgets included TV tracker, dictionary and weather station.

Experts have shown that it is possible to dupe a hapless Mac owner
into installing widgets of malicious intent and its quite complicated
to get rid of one once you’ve installed it. Safari also has an
automatic Widget installer which doesn’t help the problem much either.
To remove them consists of having to actually delete files out of a
certain folder through the command line or trying to remember your
super-admin password, hardly something we Windows users are
unaccustomed to.

Odds are that Apple will have the hole plugged about 15 seconds from
now, but for the time being Mac users will have to fear the internet
just like the rest of us.

MacObserver via Wired News

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