Remote control plane with on board camera


We always thought that remote controlled planes were the preserve of saddo anorak clad obsessives who never really got over excess exposure to Top Gun in their youth. But we can kind of see the point of the X-Plane which has just gone on sale via UK gadget site

For as well as being able to loop-the loop, dive bomb ducks and help re-create mini Battle of Britain type skirmishes in the park it can also take pictures using its snap on digital camera.

You basically strap the camera in to the casing, attach it to the plane and then as the aircraft soars above the ground you can take panoramic shots of yourself, your mates or if, you are so inclined the fox sunbathing naked in next door’s back garden.
The plane, which can apparently accommodate up to 55g of cargo, also comes with some other accessories including a mini parachutist, a little bomb and a cargo pod so you can drop messages. There’s even a paper glider that you can release when you’re up in the big wide blue.

Potential stalkers should however be warned that they can get arrested for sneakily taking covert pictures and besides the snaps probably won’t be much kop anyway as the camera is almost certainly a VGA low-res shots only one.

Still, for £99.99 it sounds a heck of a lot of fun.

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