Nokia's N-Gage 2?


Nokia’s press conference at E3 wasn’t very clear. So the team from Games Digest sat down with the head honchos of Nokia after to find out what was going on. At the press conference, Nokia had announced that N-Gage gaming power would be transferred across to its range of smartphones in 2006. Then Nokia showed a video of gameplay that clearly couldn’t be done on any N-Gage currently. So what was going on? The full story appears to be that Nokia’s next wave of smartphones, launching in 2006, will use the N-Gage’s library of 3D graphics and networking protocols. But due to their processing power, will be able to outperform the current N-Gage. Whether that means new N-Gage-branded handsets will form the top tier of these devices as a kind-of N-Gage 2, as would seem sensible, is another matter. And one currently unconfirmed by Nokia.

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