Nokia N-Gage games now on its smartphones too

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Nokia has announced a scant few details about its future plans for
N-Gage at its E3 press conference says the team at our sister blog Games Digest. N-Gage gaming will be extended to
Nokia’s raft of "mobile smartphones" in mid-2006.

Whether this means
most of Nokia’s high-end phones will now come with an N-Gage card
slot, or whether it simply means they’ll be able to play games as good
as an N-Gage (ie take the 3D graphics processing and networking
capabilities, but not actually emulate an N-Gage) remains to be seen.
As does what this means for handset design – will all smartphones be
laid out for gaming, or just some? What it doesn’t appear to mean is a
folding of N-Gage into smartphones.

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